Case Study

CASE STUDY: Partnering with Enhance

Hospitality company partners with Enhance to identify savings and improve profitability


As the economic situation in the UK has tightened over past years, this unique hospitality business decided to challenge its current buying structure in order to stay profitable and be in a stronger position for the long term.

To meet the business objectives, the team determined a thorough purchasing assessment was required. The company approached Enhanced to help them with their plan.


To gain a full understanding of the business, the Enhance team spent time meeting with managers from applicable units and toured the different properties, observing front-of-house operations. Our experts focused on:

  • Understanding the client’s business mix
  • Key branded goods and quality standards
  • Complex delivery and storage issues

It quickly became clear that the dry & frozen category needed immediate attention. Enhance provided a full-service tender, inviting three leading suppliers to quote. After three rounds of negotiations, the Enhance professionals delivered an in-depth recommendation report. The client chose to award the contract to their incumbent supplier based on not only pricing but the quality of the supplier’s products.

  • The tender delivered an Initial savings of 7.5%, with a price reduction on 81% of the products.
  • A dairy tender was conducted soon after and provided 15% savings.
  • Based on these results, client subscribed to our Fresh Produce Management service to ensure they receive the best market price with their chosen supplier.
  • As a preferred partner of Procure Wizard, we have the ability to offer a software license at no cost. This purchase to pay solution helped to improve the client’s ordering process, and Enhance worked closely with the Procure Wizard team to ensure a smooth implementation.