Your procurement manager needs a wedding planner

by | Jun 11, 2019

Love is in the air! You probably know that June through October are the most popular months for weddings in the UK. As this year’s wedding season kicks off, are you confident that your purchasing and profits are a match made in heaven?

Volumes on key lines will increase significantly as your summer business gathers pace. You should also be prepared for the latest farm to fork trend guiding wedding breakfast menus.  With a surge in menus comprising locally sourced ingredients, you need to work with suppliers who offer not only the best price but quality.

If you lack the resources or time to identify new suppliers, benchmark pricing, run competitive tenders or assess the impact of any price movement, you need to consider partnering with the Enhance team. We will take the pressure off you and review your operation – from purchasing through to production. Our goal is to build a relationship that makes you happy and content for years to come.

Our promise is to reduce your purchasing and maximise your profits. Just how good is our word?  In a recent review of the food purchasing operation for a small group of independent hotels preparing for their busy summer wedding season, Enhance achieved significant savings that will feed straight through to the bottom line. The finance director said “Enhance invested time at the start of the tendering process to fully understand all our specific businesses so that they could build a tender that truly reflected our ethos as a company. When the tender results came in, I could clearly see the level of detail that the team provided. This allowed me to make an informed decision quickly.  Enhance were then on hand to assist with the implementation of the results. They worked closely with incumbent suppliers who had fought hard to retain our business, and also helped to ensure the smooth onboarding of new suppliers. As a result, I am now forecasting a reduced food cost.”

If your wedding calendar is booked, now is the time to start planning with our team. We can cost your menus, negotiate pricing with suppliers and free up your resources so that they can focus their attention on the bride and groom.

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