What buyers should expect from UK suppliers in the event of a no-deal

by | Sep 24, 2019

With a Brexit no deal looking more likely, suppliers have built action plans to prepare for the changes that could occur following October 31st.  Our suppliers have contingency plans they will implement if a no deal occurs. Here are some of the key areas they are focusing on.

  • Identify alternative suppliers outside the EU.
  • Offer alternative products such as frozen goods and locally sourced produce.
  • Look for product that has been picked early as this can extend the shelf life and lessen the affects of delays in transportation.
  • Use alternative routes to the UK (other ports, air) that may avoid longer delays.

Even with all the planning efforts from suppliers across the UK, there is still risk that we might not be able to get certain SKUs to all our customers.

Suppliers have identified a list of foods that will be impacted if a no deal Brexit occurs. You should plan for alternative products if you haven’t already done so.

  • Salad/Lettuce & Herbs. Short life products. Transported to the UK by road through channel ports where risk of delays is high. There will be an increased percentage of products sourced from North Africa and the Middle East.
    Mushrooms. Short life product.  Largely sourced from Poland and transported by road through channel ports. Increased volume will come from Ireland due to shorter lead time and less congested ports.
    Berries. Typically shipped from Holland during November and Spain during the latter part of the winter season, suppliers will maximise volume sourced from Morocco and Egypt at the right time during the season.

Other products that are sourced from the EU that will be impacted, although not to the degree as the above products, include: avocado (Spain), eggs (Italy) and cheese (France).

Our procurement experts are communicating with suppliers on a daily basis and are watching the situation closely. We are positioned to help you procure the products you need at the best available prices.  If you have any questions about Brexit and its impact on your business, please contact your Enhance team today.