eTendering technology helps Enhance work faster, smarter, better

by | Feb 18, 2020

Hands down, the Enhance procurement experts are great at what they do: save our customers money and help them be more profitable. That’s why leading brands across the UK partner with us. Even though our team of purchasing specialists are the best in the business, we’ll let you in on a wee secret…they use triTender, groundbreaking eTendering  software to help them perform faster, smarter and better.


One of the problems with traditional tools like Excel spreadsheets and email is that they are inefficient. Procurement managers spend a lot of time building spreadsheets, playing email ping pong with suppliers and manually sorting through mounds of data to find the answers to their questions. Our purchasing experts can now access complex data in seconds compared to hours or days it would take creating spreadsheets. The system provides highly accurate data and uses smart algorithms for complicated queries that find the answers quickly. No more back and forth emails with accurate, easy-to-read data at the click of a button.


By automating the analyse stage of tendering, triTender enables our team to work smarter and focus on delivering exceptional results. Roy Goodall, Senior Buyer at Enhance, states “triTender is a powerful tool that provides the data we need at our fingertips, saving us a great deal of time and improved accuracy. We’re able to deliver informed recommendations that offer greater savings and value to our clients.” The time it takes clients to award an event is also significantly reduced thanks to the speed at which the analysis is completed by our procurement team.


The proof is in the pudding, and there’s no denying that our clients are benefitting with better outcomes. In 2019, our customers saved on average 13% across all product categories. Our team’s expertise in procurement, knowledge of market pricing and use of technology to expedite decision making that achieve positive results is what differentiates Enhance from other service providers.


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